Family Child Care

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Mon – Fri, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
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7205 15th Cavalry


Office Phone: (307) 773-3317
Cell Phone: (307) 631-2645

 Air Force Services Center Child and Youth Programs is pleased to announce the launch of the Department of the Air Force Child and Youth (DAF CYP) website, The site is the central resource for DAF CYP — policies, programs, services — all in one place.

FCC New Provider Orientation

June 14 and July 12, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  

Are you ready to make extra money working from home?  The FCC New Provider Course will give you all the tools necessary to become a provisionally certified Child Care Provider.  Additional dates can be found on the FCC page at Sign up for the next class by calling Joyce Cisneros at (307) 631-2645 or email for more information.

FCC Recruitment / Event Fair

July 15 - 19, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

If you (or someone you know) is curious about the Family Child Care (FCC) Program, please visit the CYP information table at the Base Commissary / AAFES to speak with the 90 FSS Community Child Care Coordinator.  

Family Child Care

The Family Child Care (FCC) office located at 7205 15th Cavalry offers an excellent alternative to child care for families who prefer their children in a smaller home-like setting. Care is provided for children ages 2 weeks to 12 years old in military housing as well as off base. Certified providers off the installation must also meet licensing regulations through the State of Wyoming. FCC Providers are certified by the Mission Support Group Commander and must adhere to strict Air Force requirements. Some of these requirements include New Provider Orientation, CPR and First Aid certification, completing 15 Air Force Training Modules, Child Abuse and Neglect, and meet 24 hours of annual training. Comprehensive background checks to include spouses and family members over the age of 12 must be initiated prior to attending New Provider Orientation. FCC providers must complete monthly/daily inspection reports, fire drills, lesson plans, USDA approved menus, and be able to provide daily activities that promote social, self, creative, physical and cognitive development. Additionally monthly unannounced home visits are conducted by the Community Child Care Coordinator. Your children will receive individualized attention in a small group setting that is warm, caring, nurturing, and educational.

FCC also offers Subsidy, Extended Duty Care, Supplemental Care, Missile Care, Missile Care 2, Deployment Care, Home Community Care, Emergency Medical Care, Wounded Warrior Care, Volunteer Care, Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Care, and FCC Provider Orientation Child Care. One of the hallmarks of the AF FCC Program is its ability to tailor the types of care offered to virtually fit every schedule, deployment or special need. To find out more about these programs and the eligibilities please call the FCC office (307) 773-3317.

Unauthorized Home Care

IAW AFI 34-144, residents providing unauthorized child care in government owned and privatized housing is prohibited if providing care for more than 10 cumulative hours a week. Reports of violations will be reported to the Community Child Care Coordinator, Child and Youth Services Flight Chief, Force Support Commander, and Active Duty Member’s first Sergeant. 

The Housing office will be contacted for those who are not certified and suspected violations will be reported.  Additionally, the Active Duty member may be in violation of their Housing Lease Agreement. 

Unauthorized care does not include:

  • Individuals who occasionally provide care for a friend or neighbor less than ten hours per week.
  • Teens doing evening or weekend baby-sitting for families.
  • Child care provided in the parent’s own home.
  • Parent cooperatives that provide child care for other parent’s children on an exchange basis and no fees are involved.
  • Temporary full-time care during a parent’s absence or deployment by the person listed on the AF Form 357, Family Care Plan.
Interested in Becoming a Family Child Care Provider?Prospective providers may call the FCC Office to obtain an FCC Application, Background Check Paperwork, and schedule a date to attend the New Provider Orientation. With the implementation of new AF guidance on background checks FCC Providers may now be allowed to become “provisionally certified” which quickens the certification process. In addition to ongoing professional training providers have access to the Family Child Care Lending Library, which provides an abundance of materials, toys, equipment, art supplies, and music, STEM, and literacy resources for use in FCC homes. Professional development is encouraged to those who may be interested in voluntarily seeking national accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC), and are provided local support, training and materials to accomplish this goal.  With the implementation of new AF guidance on background checks FCC providers may now be allowed to become “provisionally certified” which quickens the certification process. Earn extra money while being able to stay at home with your own children. Extensive lending library available for all your day care supplies.

FCC Provider Orientation Child Care (FCC POCC)FCC Provider Orientation Program is designed to support FCC applicants as they go through the process of becoming a FCC Provider at an Air Force Installation. Providers can use this for their orientation training to become an FCC provider.

Family Child Care Subsidy ProgramThe subsidy program is designed to assist family’s utilization of an FCC home and pay the same weekly fee they would be charged for child care in an AF Child Development Center (CDC) or AF School-Age Care (SAC) Program. Currently the AF is buying down the cost of child care for those families who have: children or youth on the waiting list when there are no spaces available in the CDC or SAC; children/youth with special needs; parents that work outside the normal operating hours of the CDC or SAC. Subsidy is available to children 5 and under.

Extended Duty Care (EDC)The EDC program is designed to assist families when weekly parental workloads due to extended duty hours, exceed the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time care. Examples: mission related duty, extended duty days, temporary shift change (not to exceed 3 working days), rapid mobilization, dual military or single parent deployment until alternate child care is arranged, federal holidays, installation wide down days when AF Child Development Center and School-Age Care are closed and parents are required to work, mandatory PT.

FCC 24/7 CareThe FCC 24/7 Child Care Program is designed to assist families when their work schedules are outside the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time care. This program is specifically designed to support shift workers and any personnel who are required to work overnights, holidays, and weekends (e.g. Security Forces, Command Post, Fire Department, Medical, Force Support, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Distributed Common Ground System).

Missile Care (MC)The Missile Care Program is designed to provide overnight, weekend, and holiday child care for those members assigned to work for more than 24 hours in the missile field. Must be purchasing full-time child care to qualify.

Missile Care 2 (MC2)The MC2 Program is designed to provide child care for spouses to attend approved appointments, if the military sponsor is assigned to work for more than 24 hours in the missile field. Examples of approved appointments are medical appointments, classes offered by installation agencies, and employment opportunities.

Deployment/Remote Assignment Child Care (DCC)The Deployment/Remote Assignment Child Care support allows families 16 hours for pre-deployment, 16 hours each month of the deployment/remote assignment, and 16 hours post deployment. AF FCC Deployment Child Care Support may be used once the member has orders and ends 60 days upon return from the deployment. AF FCC Remote Assignment Child care may be used each month the member is on remote assignment.

Home Community Care (HCC)The HCC Program is designed to provide child care for those members of the Guard and Reserves (CAT A and B) during their regularly scheduled, or properly re-scheduled drill periods. This care is for Training Periods and Unit Training Assemblies only. Other forms of Inactive Duty training (e.g. RMPs and AFTPs) do not qualify for HCC. In addition, individuals on active duty orders (e.g. AT, ADOS, MPA or RPA) do not qualify for HCC.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC)The EMC Program is designed to assist families who are experiencing a medical situation with an immediate family member. Medical documentation must be provided for family member.

Wounded Warrior Care (WWC)The WWC Program is designed to assist families when the Wounded Warrior has medical and/or military appointments. Must be a member of the Military Service with a Wounded Warrior Status.

Child Care Support for Fallen Warriors (BC)The BC Program is designed to assist families with civilian and military appointments to deal with a fallen warrior.

Air Force Aid Society Child Care for PCS (AFAS PCS)Sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society, the AFAS PCS Program is designed to help relieve some of the stress felt by families in the process of a PCS move. AFAS PCS provides 20 hours of child care per child at both the departing and inbound installation. Families may use the child care 60 days before the family’s departure and 60 days upon arriving at the new installation. Must provide a copy of PCS orders.

Air Force Aid Society Child Care for Volunteers (AFAS VOL)Sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society, the AFAS VOL Program is designed to recognize the importance of volunteers to the installation community by assisting with child care expenses. This funding is not meant to replace other funding that may be available for this purpose, but rather, to provide additional funds to increase the number of volunteers at the installation. Must provide a copy of PCS orders.

CONUS Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Care Program (EFMP RCP)The EFMP RCP is designed to assist Air Force families with short-term, specialized child care (to help reduce the stresses associated with caring for an exceptional family member). Sibling care is available up to age 13.

Community Based Child Care ProgramsChild Care Aware (CCA) of America Programs are designed to assist CONUS Air Force families who do not have access to on installation CDC, SAC, or FCC providers. For eligibility requirements and questions, please visit their link at:  or call 1-800-424-2246.