NAF Human Resources

Multifactor Authenication myMoney is here!

Air Force NAF Pay will require Multifactor Authentication as of 17 May 2024.  Follow the link for setup instructions.  Setup must be complete before 17 May 2024, or access to myMoney NAF Pay accounts will be lost. Please contact your NAF Human Resources Office should you have questions or need assistance.

Hours of Operation

7:30 am – 3:30 pm
(3:30  – 4:30 pm by appointment only)


7305 Randall Ave.


(307) 773-2097

Nonappropriated Fund Employment

How to Apply

All Applicants interested in applying for any of our NAF positions are required to apply for the position online at We cannot accept paper applications. The website will require the applicant to create an account prior to applying for a position. When searching for job positions on the website, be certain to narrow your search to FE Warren AFB. Positions are advertised until filled. Email address is

Current Employees

To access My Money please click on the link below.